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The WiFi symbol at this Italian Burger King is a stylized hamburger

by: thatsabruno

My pup ripped the squeaker out of her cow toy and it’s a little steak

by: sharkwithwings

Tabletop disguised as TV to promote safe shipping

by: lmikles

These pyramid shaped caps mimick piled up bountiful produce displays

by: Zfriske

The resort I stay at has a toilet stall made out of stone.

by: CongHoaMuonNam

Fireworks reflection off my car

by: peterpeterny

This wheelchair hotwheels

by: geosunsetmoth

Multi-Language Swearing Guide that was handed out after a concert.

by: lammastide


  • NSFW
  • The raspberry tea that has bled through this cracked teacup

    by: logue1

    Stink bug eggs on my bagged spinach leaf

    by: StationaryTravels

    This credit card matches this bag of chips

    by: ninemoonblues

    Picture I took of a puffin mid flight

    by: liquah

    Some fluff got stuck on my car and while driving it was spinning in wind and cleaned a perfect circle around it

    by: mismuparoololi