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The Aunt Jemima brand still exists in colombia

by: BananaPeely

This bar has a ice strip to keep drinks cold

by: hockenduke

Papa John’s left (what I assume to be) a pizza pan in my delivery order.

by: evieauburn

My local hospital has examples of when you may need an Urgent Care vs an ER.

by: Striken15

My skin was so dry it made patterns

by: albatross49

They have baguette vending machines in France.

by: doublehelixfelix133

Bikers had blue tape across their license plates

by: personofinterest18

My doctors office asked me about god on a satisfaction questionnaire

by: Garden_Baby11

Oxycodone accidentally included in my Vyvanse Rx from CVS

by: dangnabbit-

My local coffee shop has plaques on each table forbidding schoolwork.

by: seekingssri

I came across a blue mushroom

by: laobalaomadecai

Out of 40 "empty" tubes of lipbalm I recovered 18 full tubes

by: Smasher4291

Fanta in Italy has no dyes or artificial flavors.

by: Opposite_Strategy_43

My skin is translucent

by: KaleidoscopeWild9670

My local gas station has to put a sign in the milk section cause people open the milk to put it in their coffee, then put it back.

by: AlejandroSosa__

Target designated half their fitting rooms into prayer rooms

by: Sometimes_Stutters

This frog (toad) jumped in my campfire and got carbonized overnight

by: CatLourde

The sushi place next to my job was carving up this giant 700 pound bluefin tuna

by: RockyRickaby1995

Two, random, yet almost identical, boomers

by: MoistKestrel

One of my sausages pressurized it’s wrapper

by: MaltyShakes

My vasectomy testing kit came with a card to track my ejaculations

by: the_ju66ernaut

My finger after I finally got a ring off that’s been on for 2 1/2 years straight.

by: AndersonZR

Got stung on my neck, now it is making its way into my lymphatic system

by: FixItAgainTonic

The difference between my brother and I’s tan

by: YungTinkerbell

The Gap sent me a check for $0.01 with with no explanation.

by: cuddle_enthusiast